`Sigema` loves illustration , graffiti , street art . Every work is the crystallization of every painter'sheart. , full of personal Creation Featured works. `Sigema` offers product design and production projects, eachProducts can express industrial production and the Art .

                      No borders, different backgrounds, different styles, will be found in `Sigema` products, painting language without boundaries.

                      Original work with heart-made name call : `Sigema`

                      `Sigema` 愛插畫, 塗鴉, 街頭藝術. 每一幅作品都是每個畫家的心意結晶,充滿個人創作特色的作品. ` Sigema` 提供??生產品設計及製作項目,每款產品都能表達出工業生產與藝術.

                      無國界之分,不同背景,不同風格,都會在`Sigema` 產品上找到,畫作語言無界限.


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